Bank Of Feather River

Impact analysis and bank scores for Bank Of Feather River, a small bank with strong local impact headquartered in Yuba City CA.

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Small Business Lending Outstanding 30.993% of Bank Assets
Ownership Stock Shareholder owned bank
Size Small 145 Million in Assets
HQ Location Yuba City CA Enter your location for details
Branch Concentration Find Out Now Enter your location for details
Small Farm Lending Yes 12.540% of Bank Assets
Speculative Trading No 0.000% of Bank Assets

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Savings Interest Rate Unknown
Checking Interest Rate Unknown
No-Fee Checking Available Unknown
Domestic Wire Transfer Fees Unknown
International Wire Transfer Fees Unknown
Monthly Inactivity Fee Unknown
Non-Bank ATM Fee Unknown
ATM Fee Refund Policy Unknown
Overdraft Fees Unknown
Online Banking Availability Unknown
Mobile Deposit Support Unknown